Friday, August 24, 2012

Teacher Week {Freebie Friday}

Boy I'll tell ya, I have come across tons of freebies this summer and couldn't be more grateful for the wonderful world of blogging!  In case you didn't know, Clutter-Free Classroom has been posting Flash Freebies all summer long and they are super useful.  From parent-teacher communication logs to pocket chart number cards.  Hop on over to Clutter-Free classroom if you've missed out on some of these goodies!  I think they are still free in her TPT store =)

Also, at some point during my blog stalking ;) I came across this amazing file, which has links to a variety of free downloads from TPT.  They are organized by {subject} & {grade level}!  Courtesy of Mrs. O's Rockin' Resources.  Download it now!

Hope you enjoy!
Miss Mix

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Teacher Week {Therapeutic Thursday}

Hi ya'll!  Im hoppin' into the Teacher Week blog hop today!  It's {Therapeutic Thursday}... and I think this is a fabulous topic.  How many of us leave work exhausted?  Just to go home and grade papers, cook dinner, clean, and if we're lucky get in a little TV or reading!  What's our release?  Here's what keeps me sane....

1) {Working out!}  Although I don't do it nearly as much as I should... when I do, I feel SO much better!

2)  {Sweets!}  Especially chocolate =)  I don't even try to deny myself a little sweet treat after dinner.

3) {Reality TV}  Sometimes I have to get my dose of junk tv before the bf gets home, but that's okay.  I can usually squeeze in some Kardashians, MissAdvised, or RHOC.  Gotta love Bravo & E!

4) {My Loves}  While he may never understand the complexity of teaching, my boyfriend helps me get my issues off my mind and onto relaxing.  I also can't complain when I have the cutest dog to receive kisses & love from too =)

Well there you have it... my therapy!  {What's yours?}

Miss Mix

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Who doesn't like some freebies?!  Well to start off my blogging experience, I'd like to tell you about Creative Lesson Cafe's {Theme Giveaway}!  Head over to Jeannine's fabulous site and enter to win some amazing prizes!  She is even giving away CTP's newest theme..... Black & White Collection.  Lots of goodies to be had, enjoy!