Thursday, October 18, 2012

Delicious Decomposers

Decomposers....hmmm, sounds like a thrilling lesson to teach during the Halloween season!  I came across this fantastic science website sponsored by Discovery Streaming that has some great science lessons/labs.  I'm simply posting a link to the lesson plan I taught today that teaches kids about a very crucial part of the food chain, decomposers.  You use fruit to teach this lab, and the kiddos partake in the scientific method throughout the lesson.  So far, the fruit is fresh and smells delicious, which helped ease the chaos going through my mind.  Should be fun to see the fruit begin to decompose!

Decomposers Lesson Plan

Another idea to teach about decomposers is to create a Mold Terrarium!  Fun to do a super processed food in one jar - like a Twinkee, and fresher food in the other jar.  The twinkee will last forever!

Even if you don't teach about decomposition... I highly recommend checking out this site!  You will need to register, but totally worth it with all the outstanding lessons, videos, and more.  You can even enter each day to win a Hands-on Science Assembly for your school.

Miss Mix

Sunday, September 2, 2012


Last weekend before the madness begins!  I met my kiddos and their families on Thursday, and I am even more excited to start the new year!  I have spent hours upon hours jazzing up my classroom, but not nearly enough time planning.  I am a little worried about how all will play out the first three days of school, but am confident that it will all go just the way it is supposed to.  I work at a Christian school and our theme this year is {TRUST}.  I think this theme applies to all, regardless of your background.  Basically, we need to learn how to worry less and trust more.  Everything will work out in the end, and may even exceed our own expectations.

Here are some pictures of my room!  It's a small space, so I try to make it feel as open as possible.  I haven't taken my final {Reveal} pics yet, but will do so this week.  Enjoy =)

Chalk Paint Door - Going to be so much {fun}!

My Window - {Welcome}


After =) 

Time to finish up some cleaning and get ready to enjoy this glorious day!  Perhaps another beach day will be in order {Waves}.  

Have a great Labor Day weekend... hopefully labor free ;)

Miss Mix

Friday, August 24, 2012

Teacher Week {Freebie Friday}

Boy I'll tell ya, I have come across tons of freebies this summer and couldn't be more grateful for the wonderful world of blogging!  In case you didn't know, Clutter-Free Classroom has been posting Flash Freebies all summer long and they are super useful.  From parent-teacher communication logs to pocket chart number cards.  Hop on over to Clutter-Free classroom if you've missed out on some of these goodies!  I think they are still free in her TPT store =)

Also, at some point during my blog stalking ;) I came across this amazing file, which has links to a variety of free downloads from TPT.  They are organized by {subject} & {grade level}!  Courtesy of Mrs. O's Rockin' Resources.  Download it now!

Hope you enjoy!
Miss Mix

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Teacher Week {Therapeutic Thursday}

Hi ya'll!  Im hoppin' into the Teacher Week blog hop today!  It's {Therapeutic Thursday}... and I think this is a fabulous topic.  How many of us leave work exhausted?  Just to go home and grade papers, cook dinner, clean, and if we're lucky get in a little TV or reading!  What's our release?  Here's what keeps me sane....

1) {Working out!}  Although I don't do it nearly as much as I should... when I do, I feel SO much better!

2)  {Sweets!}  Especially chocolate =)  I don't even try to deny myself a little sweet treat after dinner.

3) {Reality TV}  Sometimes I have to get my dose of junk tv before the bf gets home, but that's okay.  I can usually squeeze in some Kardashians, MissAdvised, or RHOC.  Gotta love Bravo & E!

4) {My Loves}  While he may never understand the complexity of teaching, my boyfriend helps me get my issues off my mind and onto relaxing.  I also can't complain when I have the cutest dog to receive kisses & love from too =)

Well there you have it... my therapy!  {What's yours?}

Miss Mix

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Who doesn't like some freebies?!  Well to start off my blogging experience, I'd like to tell you about Creative Lesson Cafe's {Theme Giveaway}!  Head over to Jeannine's fabulous site and enter to win some amazing prizes!  She is even giving away CTP's newest theme..... Black & White Collection.  Lots of goodies to be had, enjoy!