Thursday, October 18, 2012

Delicious Decomposers

Decomposers....hmmm, sounds like a thrilling lesson to teach during the Halloween season!  I came across this fantastic science website sponsored by Discovery Streaming that has some great science lessons/labs.  I'm simply posting a link to the lesson plan I taught today that teaches kids about a very crucial part of the food chain, decomposers.  You use fruit to teach this lab, and the kiddos partake in the scientific method throughout the lesson.  So far, the fruit is fresh and smells delicious, which helped ease the chaos going through my mind.  Should be fun to see the fruit begin to decompose!

Decomposers Lesson Plan

Another idea to teach about decomposers is to create a Mold Terrarium!  Fun to do a super processed food in one jar - like a Twinkee, and fresher food in the other jar.  The twinkee will last forever!

Even if you don't teach about decomposition... I highly recommend checking out this site!  You will need to register, but totally worth it with all the outstanding lessons, videos, and more.  You can even enter each day to win a Hands-on Science Assembly for your school.

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